Yerba Santa Smudge Stick


 SIZE - Each Smudge Stick is 3-3.5" inches in length
This smudge stick is perfect for cleansing your space of negative energy and inviting in positive energy. Smudge your home, office, car, yourself, or any loved ones. They also make a great self care gift, housewarming gift, or energy clearing gift set!

YERBA SANTA: Yerba Santa is known for having protective energy and is believed to be able to open up the heart chakra. It is also used for enlightenment meditation practices, as it can work closely to the crown chakra as well.

Please note that every yerba santa bundle is unique and varies slightly in color, size, and shape. Make sure to view all listing photos to see the variations of the smudge sticks.


Before you light your smudge stick, make sure to open a door or window for the unwanted energy you are trying to clear to have a pathway to get out.

Traditionally, people have used an abalone shell to hold the sage stick in and then either used a feather to fan and spread the smoke around the space, or held the sage bundle out and slowly spread the smoke around for the same effect.

Abalone shells have a great shape, they are easy to hold on to when walking around your space. They can also take the heat created from the burning end of your sage. Remember that you are lighting something on fire, so make sure you have the right container and are using caution to not harm yourself, your home fixtures, or anyone else.

Once you are ready to start lighting your sage, grab the stick as far from the end you are burning as possible. Hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light the end, and let it burn for about 20 seconds. Then, carefully blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on the end. You can now start the process of cleansing your space. 

**Smudge sticks are used by people all over the world as a holistic approach to spiritual healing. They are not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided above is entirely metaphysical, and not medical. As well, please always use caution when lighting your smudge sticks. By purchasing from our store, you acknowledge and agree that you assume the responsibility for your own usage or misusage of this information and these items.