Volume II: Build a Practice Yoga Cards


A beautifully illustrated yoga cards expansion deck designed to give you the tools to build a mindful, healthy at home yoga practice. Use as an educational guide or start creating your own sequences! 



Each card has an illustration of the pose or exercise on the front, with alignment cues of how to get in to each position and modifications on the back. Every pose card is numbered and categorized. An index card is included in the deck as well. Lay the cards down next to your mat to follow along to 5 different sequences. 


More than just the poses. Use these cards as guide to bring meditation into your morning routine, as well as 3 key breathing techniques used in the traditional practice. 


Space for you to be creative! A small notebook included to give you a place to start jotting down ideas for flows, notations, or even journal.

PERFECT FOR TEACHER TRAINING - Use as flashcards to learn Sanskrit. Each has the English name on the front, with the Sanskrit name and pronunciation on the back. Practice asana cueing, modifications, and creating your own sequences for class!

DURABLE AND ONE OF A KIND - High grade matte finish 5” x 3.5” cards you can take anywhere, easy to carry with you on the go! Thick matte finish box with gold foil details and a mantra displayed as you open the lid. “The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes” Unique tarot inspired design by a yogi author. <3

BLENDS PERFECTLY WITH THE ORIGINAL BUILD A PRACTICE YOGA CARDS DECK Please note this is an expansion deck to the first Build a Practice Yoga Cards deck, meaning that the numbered cards start from #64 and go to #126. It is meant to be used in conjunction with the first deck. The sequences included in Volume II do use some of the foundational poses included only in the first deck.

Every card also has a "II" in the right bottom corner so that when you're ready to clean up, it's easy to differentiate between the decks. 

There is a mix of beginner to more advanced poses in this deck. A full list of the poses included can be found in the product photos. If you are interested in beginner yoga, please make sure to see our original Build a Practice Yoga Cards deck for cards #1-63. 

Dive deeper into your practice. You got this!

* The word "Achieves" is misspelled on the inside of the box, we are aware and adjusting moving forward. :) *

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