Mala Necklace


These Mala Necklaces feature the traditional 108 beads and guru bead with a silk tassel. Useful for both on-the-go mindfulness and formal meditation.

Handmade to help you in your meditation practice. Crafted with love and made with real gemstones.


- Total Necklace Length: 19.5 inches

- 108 Gemstone Beads - 6mm beads, with one 10 mm bead above the tassel

- Beaded in elastic

- Silk Tassel Length: about 8.3 cm

Gemstone options available: Amazonite, Green Stripe Onyx, Black Onyx


Mala beads are used in meditation practice to assist you in counting your mantra, affirmation, or even breath, and act as a physical guide. Mala beads have been used for thousands of years by yogis to help minds stay focused while meditating. They can also be used to simply wear as a beautiful reminder of your positive intention! 

Please note that gemstones can vary in size and color a bit. Do not immerse in water.